Thyroid Gland Anatomy


Thyroid Gland Anatomy. Paper Embroidery. Endocrinology.
Hand embroidered vintage Anatomical Thyroid Gland print, in red, turquoise and purplish cotton threads into an ivory card stock.
The threads take the place of the real blood of veins and arteries, and forms the blisters of thyroid gland giving the impression of a three dimensional effect.
A different piece of art, with a modern view of a vintage anatomical print.
Dimensions : 21cm x 15cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches (A5).
Unframed and Unmatted.
You will receive the item as you see it in the last photo.
Ready to Ship.
Take a look at a digitally assembled presentation in space with different mats and frames showing different results.
Slight differences may exist from the photo shown here, as it is completely handmade.
Stamped and signed at its back.
Decoration, frames, mats etc. shown in the photos are not included.
Will be shipped protected in a cardboard envelope.
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All product will be gift wrapped.

You can see this paper embroidery bound as journal here :