Capivard, ou Cochon d' Eau aux Pieds d' un Bananier


A Unique Memory Box Made with love to keep your fabulous memories from all over the world!
A Keepsake box for the treasures of your life.
An unexpected gift to your friend who just returned from a long trip!
A beautiful gift idea to a Nature Lover! :-)
A memory box with a beautiful hand embroidered vintage engraving from 1698, with a cute Capivara eating a Banana sitting at the feet of a Banana Tree.
The Paper Embroidery is mounted on a sturdy 3mm card stock, covered with green book cloth and dusty brown paper.
Elegant brown and orange ribbons keep it closed.
Dimensions Outside : 31,6 x 22,6 x 8,8 cm (12,4 x 8,9 x 3,5 inches).
Dimensions Inside : 30,6 x 21,7 x 8 cm (12 x 8,5 x 3,1 inches).
Ready to Ship.
The Box is completely handmade.

☞The original engraving is named "CAPIVARD, ou cochon d' Eau aux Pieds d' un Bananier" and it is from a 1698's travel book of Francois Froger, named "A Relation of a voyage made in the years 1695, 1696, 1697".

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