Sacred Geometry Journal


Sacred Geometry. Hand Embroidered Journal.
Front cover of a gray card stock, hand embroidered with a complex geometrical body in perspective in grey cotton threads.
The embroidery is done with single sewing thread to accomplish the most elegant result.
Bound with gray jad string.
Contains : 50 sheets (100 pages front and back).
You can choose plain, ruled or squared paper inside the notebook.
Dimensions : 21cm x 15cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches (A5).
Made to order, please check current turnaround time.

The Geometrical print is from Daniele Barbaro's "La pratica della Perspettiva" 1568.

Slight differences may exist from the photo shown here, as it is completely handmade.
Pens, pencils etc. shown in the photos are not included.
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All products will come gift wrapped.


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Sacred Geometry, Embroidered Journal by Fabulous Cat Papers